An Insult…Or A Well-Kept Secret?

Say it ain’t so! There are no North Carolina towns listed in the latest version of CNN Money’s Top 100 “Best Places to Live“? Should we take it as an insult? Should we ask for a recount? Should we ask for a recalibration of the scales? Should we assume that it is some nefarious plot to return us to “Rip Van Winkle State” status? Should I swear off my daily habit of scouring for news and North Carolina-related tidbits?

Or, should we, as one of my colleagues suggested, simply thank our lucky stars that we can remain a well-kept secret?

2 thoughts on “An Insult…Or A Well-Kept Secret?”

  1. The answer to your questions except the last is no. As for the last it would be a resounding YES!

  2. From Kevin Mitnick’s new autobiography, “Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker”: “Just as I had done when I chose Denver [as a hideout], I again relied on Money magazine’s annual assessment of the Ten Best Cities in America. That year, Raleigh, North Carolina, was listed as number one. The description sounded tempting: the people were supposed to be pleasant and laid-back, the surrounding area rural, with mountains in the distance….
    “The train pulled into the Raleigh station after dark….[Three waitresses at Boston Market] sat down to talk with me while I ate. I couldn’t imagine that happening in Los Angeles. Or Seattle. Or even outgoing Denver. The ladies told me, ‘We just want to keep you company.’ I was blown away by my first taste of Southern hospitality….”
    Mitnick’s stay in Raleigh ended less pleasantly, as he was apprehended in his apartment by federal agents

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