Link dump shrugs off Iowa straw poll, heads to N.H.

— Captured battle flags returning to N.C. coast  (and not everybody is happy about it).

— Tidbits of Tar Heelia tucked in David McCullough’s latest.

— For Colored Agricultural Fair, “The whole city participated, just like Bele Chere.”

Nitrate negatives yield a (slow-loading) gallery of “Old Wilmington Mystery Photos.”

— Who would steal Mitch Easter’s storied guitars?


One thought on “Link dump shrugs off Iowa straw poll, heads to N.H.”

  1. I’ve only recently discovered what the civil war flag of NC (also known as the William Jarl Browne “State” flag) looked like and honestly think it is much more attractive and distinctive than our current flag.

    I would love to know the story behind how that flag and the Texas state flag look so similar. Did we take our design from them or did they take their design from us? Or did they originate individually?

    from the story linked to above, “They are not the battle rebel flag that has become a symbol of hate,” he said in the email. “They actually look more like flags of the state of Texas.”

    For those who want more information:

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