2 thoughts on “Yelling ‘Firestarter’ in a crowded theater would be hard”

  1. Actually, it was the EO Studios in Shelby which sparked the NC film industry. Earl Owensby produced a number of his own films at his Shelby studio during the 70’s and 80’s and also leased his facilities to many Hollywood productions during that time up to and including James Cameron. Earl was interviewed by Morley Safer on 60 Minutes and had a good rapport with Hollywood. Would be nice to see a feature story on Earl and his contribution to what is now a bustling industry in NC.

  2. Owensby made a splash, yes, but — unlike Wilmington– never in the industry mainstream except for leasing his facilities. To Esquire magazine he was “A Very Minor Movie Mogul,” to the Washington Post “the red-clay Cecil B. DeMacho.” His run of low-budget action films (e.g., “Chain Gang,” “Rottweiler, Dogs From Hell” and “Rutherford County Line”) bombed with American audiences but did nicely overseas.

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