Silent Sam Under Fire Again

Postcard of dedication of Silent Sam
Unveiling of Confederate Monument, June 2, 1913
The monument to the Confederate dead on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus, commonly known as Silent Sam, was the site of protest yesterday. Leaders of the Real Silent Sam movement seek to draw attention to the monuments and buildings on campus that honor people and ideals that they consider non-representative of today’s students and their views.

Want some background before you form an opinion? Our collections include speeches from the dedication and newspaper coverage of Silent Sam over the years–both the praise and the criticism.

Bettie Jackson London spoke on behalf of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Industrialist Julian Carr, a UNC trustee and Confederate veteran, also delivered a speech. You can read the first few pages by going here, selecting item 93 and then clicking next within the blue band at the right of your screen until you reach item 100. An additional 12 pages are here. Select item 101 and click next within the blue band on the right. I know. We don’t make it easy. But the speech is worth the effort.

3 thoughts on “Silent Sam Under Fire Again”

  1. The politically “correct” crowd, e.g. Bill Clinton/Gore and others, need to get over it. The statue is a part of North Carolina’s confederate history and not an inflammatory statement.

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