An Earlier Constitutional Amendment on Marriage

Amendment outlawing interracial marriage

Text of constitutional amendment outlawing interracial marriage

Article 14, Section 8 was adopted during the Constitutional Convention of 1875. The amendment, outlawing interracial marriage, remained a part of the North Carolina Constitution until 1971, when a new state constitution was adopted. In 1977 the General Assembly passed a law validating all interracial marriages that occurred prior to March 24, 1977, the date of the law’s passage.

It wasn’t mainly Baptists who stopped ERA

“In the South, [Phyllis Schlafly’s] STOP ERA was staffed by the Church of Christ and Southern Baptists, as well as smaller fundamentalist and independent Baptist churches.

“Interestingly…. North Carolina’s population was 23 percent Baptist and 0.2 percent Church of Christ, yet the latter actually outnumbered the former in anti-ERA organizations, 45 to 36 percent.”

— From “The Myth of Southern Exceptionalism,” edited by Matthew D. Lassiter and Joseph Crespino (2010)