An Earlier Constitutional Amendment on Marriage

Amendment outlawing interracial marriage

Text of constitutional amendment outlawing interracial marriage

Article 14, Section 8 was adopted during the Constitutional Convention of 1875. The amendment, outlawing interracial marriage, remained a part of the North Carolina Constitution until 1971, when a new state constitution was adopted. In 1977 the General Assembly passed a law validating all interracial marriages that occurred prior to March 24, 1977, the date of the law’s passage.

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  1. Wow. Deja Vu … especially given the current marriage discrimination amendment going up for vote was, in the writer’s wife’s words, to “protect the Caucasian race.”

  2. “Forever. I don’t think that word means what you think it means.” – Inago Montoya

  3. That is an absurd statement, rejected by every reputable professional in the fields of medicine and psychiatry.

  4. apparently John’s mentality is stuck in 1875, and no i am, not gay, just tired of peoples obsurd stupidity. this is why things never progress.

  5. Sexuality is not a choice. I know that I did not choose to be heterosexual. I was born heterosexual. Gay people are born gay. And they should be afforded the same human rights that I am.

    1. You cant speak on that. There are only two genders. Therefore, the choice was made for you. But for many reasons, people do choose their sexuality. And yes, some things are done to us that may influence that choice. Social control, and medications, and trauma.

  6. John this had nothing to do with sexuality, the vast majority of people affected by this, will be minor children, unmarried adults. Its too bad you used your book to cover the other 90% of the amendment as it was written. Are you so blinded by hatred and homophobia that cant open your mind enough to become informed.

  7. Eph 5:17-21
    Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.

    Another view…

  8. John… with verses worded like that no wonder its hard to understand her will

    Plus everyone knows the will of the lord is always the will of the clergy….strange how that is.

  9. Yes, let’s reject what has been the natural order since the beginning of time and call ourselves “enlightened…”

    People are naturally born heterosexual. That is how we reproduce. We all struggle with desires that try to compel us to go against what we know is natural and right… for some of us it is homosexuality. For others it is thievery, murder, lying, adultery/fornication, bestiality, pedophilia, etc. With any violation of nature comes consequences, including physical and emotional consequences. It is not a matter of hate or fear but of love when you warn someone that their behavior is going to hurt them. But it makes you feel better about yourself when you want so badly to feel okay about indulging your unnatural desire to scream at others that they are intolerant and homophobic. Sounds a bit like selfish teens yelling at their parents about how awful they are when they won’t allow them to party all night, do drugs or have sex…

  10. Karen, you are an ignorant judgmental sheep who obviously believes whatever she is told unquestioningly. How dare you speak authoritatively on a subject for which you know absolutely NOTHING?! Don’t you dare presume to tell me, and state it as a fact, that I was born heterosexual, because I know that I was not. And as for equating who I am with thievery, murder, bestiality, and pedophilia… you are reprehensible and more offensive to me than I can put into words! A person who is gay and represses his/her sexuality because of society’s pressures and refuses to act on those NATURAL impulses is STILL GAY!!! It’s not a physical act that makes a person gay… it is the way we were born. Very few heterosexual people choose to be with people of the same sex, at least not more than an experimental experience or two. You are completely uninformed and unable to use your brain to realize that most people who are attracted to members of the same sex are not merely acting on impulses or giving in to “desires that try to compel us to go against what we know is natural and right.” I can’t stand homophobes like you who claim to be spewing your intolerance from a place of love and concern. If that’s love, you can keep it!

  11. Karen, your argument was made, almost word-for-word by the same folks who advocated the amendment above. Sure you don’t think that interracial marriages reject the natural order since the beginning of time, do you?

    For that matter, it was not that long ago, that women were considered to be the property, alternately, of either their fathers or their husbands and were bartered for in the course of normal economic activity. Should women be property?

    Marrying for love? Why, that goes against the natural order since the beginning of time!

  12. Karen, an argument that hinges on equating homosexuality with thievery, murder, lying, adultery/fornication, bestiality, and pedophilia is completely unhinged. BTW- how old were you when you made the choice to be heterosexual?

  13. There are people who have a compulsion to lie… they will say it is natural for them and they cannot control it.

    There are people who have a compulsion to steal… they will say it is natural for them and they cannot control it.

    There are people who have a compulsion to commit fornication and adultery… they will say it is natural for them and they cannot control it.

    There are people who have a compulsion to murder… they will say it is natural for them and they cannot control it.

    There are people who have a compulsion to have sex with children… they will say it is natural for them and they cannot control it.

    These people can all make the same argument you make for homosexuality. They will all say they were born the way they are. There is even scientific evidence to suggest that the tendency toward the above behaviors may be determined by DNA. If you make laws abridging their rights to do what they believe comes naturally to them, you are putting your intolerance on them as well.

    Not to mention your intolerance toward me for even suggesting such behavior might be *gasp* wrong…

  14. Thievery hurts people. Murder hurts people. Lying hurts people. Adultery/fornication, bestiality, and pedophilia hurt people.

    And hatred, bigotry, and prejudice hurt people too.

    But a growing majority of Americans – black, white, religious, conservative, liberal – recognize that homosexuality hurts no one. It is that simple. A relationship between two men or two woman can be as equally loving and stable as a relationship between a man and a woman.

    Those who compare such relationships to assaulting a child merely reveal their own sickness, and justify the accusations of hatred that are made against them.

    Karen, it is sad that you have chosen to defile your faith with your personal insecurities. I know many people of faith who strongly oppose the hateful redefinition of marriage to exclude loving same-sex couples. It is worth noting that a surprising number of those religious people were formerly prejudiced themselves. But they were saved by the love and support of their gay (and straight) friends, who showed them that same-sex families are just as strengthening and beneficial to society as opposite-sex ones.

    A college friend of mine – devout Christian, lifelong conservative – mentioned his disgust at Amendment One the other day. He felt it violated personal freedom and discouraged marital commitment, both of which are solid conservative principles. He voted against it.

    I know a preacher who used to rail against same-sex families…until he met one and saw how much they loved each other, and how well they were raising their children. He performed their wedding last June.

    It is possible to be saved from your ignorance, Karen. I will pray for you.

    With love and respect,


  15. To those who say sexuality is a choice: When did you choose your sexuality? If sexuality is a choice, what is the purpose of therapy to “cure” gays? Therapy to “cure” a choice is punishment, not therapy. Why does the government have a say in marriage in the first place? Why did “we the people” decide to let government tell us who we can and cannot marry?

  16. Can we PLEASE put forward a constitutional ban on gay animals?

    I don’t think that Karen is fully informed on how completely natural homosexuality is in the animal kingdom- and always has been ‘since the beginning of time.’

    Did God make a mistake Karen? Are you saying God makes mistakes all the time, and that is why many animals are born naturally homosexual?

    Wow. I didn’t realize your God made so many mistakes. Mine doesn’t.

    As for the “beginning of time’, please Karen, find a way to prove that humans were created 6000 years ago. If you can do that- I might trust in a SINGLE THING that comes out of your hateful mouth.

    And for the record. No, I dont hate you. I simply hate that your point of reference in life is a book. A book written by humans. A book with so many errors as to render the entire thing preposterous.

    You may as well be following the Twilight series as your moral compass. Though there are far fewer inconsistencies in those novels.

    You get the point.

    Try not to be too hard on yourself when you look back and realize how sadly mistaken you were on this topic. You are a simple soul- and there is nothing inherently wrong with that… so long as your power is limited (which I think that it may just be).

  17. Thank you, Susan. You made some excellent points. I don’t hate Karen either, and I think it is important to be gentle to her here – shouting at sickened souls will not cure them.

    I know people like Karen. They were raised by broken people, and so they are broken themselves. I thank God every day that I was raised by people who were Godly themselves: kind, loving, and accepting. And I thank God for the miraculous work He has done in allowing us to save those who were raised by the wicked, and who have turned against their dark upbringings and bravely embraced the light of reason and equality.

    Please remember that no matter what must ultimately done to stand against evil, our first response should always be: Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

    (And for the record, I am not the second David but I fully agree with him 🙂 )

    With love and respect,


  18. The basic issue is whether or not one will choose to believe what their Creator says about it all. God provided His view of it all: Leviticus 18:22, Matthew 19:4-5, Romans 1:18-27. The bottom line is that we desire to be God (Genesis 3:5) rather than letting God be God. We say that we will decide our own gender and that is playing God, and nothing less. So, then, go. Play God. Continue as you are. But ask your self at some point: ‘am I assured 100% that, upon my death, that there will be no consequences for my playing God’?

  19. @DJ: I asked my creators, and both Mom and Dad say gay marriage is cool with them. I choose to believe it. Thanks for the advice—case closed!

  20. And that begs an important question, DJ. Whose words can be trusted, and how do we view our Creator?

    Let’s use your approach. You are saying that whatever appears in the Bible – that is to say, the Bible as it has come down to us over the years, heavily translated and missing context – is to be taken at face value. They are the verbatim word of God, and they are to be applied to our modern lives.

    Would it be fair for me to assume that you believe God advocates the stoning of those who swear, as God so clearly demands in Leviticus 24:16?

    And – I hope I’m wrong – shall we stone women who have had sex before marriage, as God directs in Deuteronomy 22:13-21?

    If you believe that the Bible is the unquestionable word of God, and is to be taken at face value, then you must certainly believe these things, like the Taliban. And, like the Taliban, you also have a rather dismaying view of God as well – a savage, brutal punisher, not the loving and supportive God that I know to be the true God.

    So what does God truly have to say? Perhaps no one can know. But I have found that our perceptions of God are very often reflections of ourselves, and if you believe in a brutal, judgmental, and unloving God, then I will pray for you, because you are a brutal, judgmental, and unloving man.

    And, I can only assume, a broken and miserable one.

    This is how it will happen, DJ. At the end of our lives, we will stand before whatever the final answer happens to be. I will point to the social justice I fought for, the marriages I defended, and the children whose families I strengthened.

    It saddens me to imagine what you will find yourself forced to point to. I think you will not wish to take credit then for the person you are now.

    And I know, surer than I know anything else, that God is not what you think He is, and that that is a good thing.

    I will pray for you, my friend, and for your deliverance from this unhappy, hate-ridden spirit you have chosen to serve.

    I do not control God but I know He will reveal His true self to you if you are willing to let Him.

    With love and respect,


  21. Lets not get down on John like that. It’s people like you that take an opposing view and call that person and idiot. John Make a valid point. Anyone that believes in God and believes in what the bible says has to conclude that being homosexual is by choice.

    Did you know that anal sex between a man and a woman is wrong according to God? The bible also clearly states same sex relations is an abomination.

    If you believe in God and the bible as I do, then you know God doesn’t make mistakes. So there is no way, regardless of what scientist may say that being homosexual is by birth.

    To me, regardless of what level homosexual you are, you’ve made the choice to be that way. Just like some that choose to sleep with men, and women at the same time. It’s a choice, they were not born bi-sexual, nor is anyone that is strictly Gay.

    If you feel you need to respond to this, lets have a honest open conversation w/out being disrespectful. I have my views and I’m sure you have yours. However beating it down my throat will not make me see your side any clearer.

  22. So you are taking the same position that John is: anything that appears in the Bible is sanctioned by God, and must therefore be put into practice in our lives today.

    So may I assume that you believe the following: that God wishes to see those who swear and have sex outside of marriage stoned to death?

    God does not make mistakes. But sometimes we do 🙂

    With love and respect,


  23. No, that assumption would be wrong. I believe in the bible full heatedly but I also know the old testament is not for us today. The old testament was before we had the holy spirit to guide us.

    That is not to say I don’t believe what the old testament has to say, however I don’t think it’s relevant to us today.

  24. Ah. So you have made a personal decision as to which part of the Bible you are willing to accept as the word of God.

    In other words, you are picking and choosing which part of the Bible – a unified work – you will accept.

    On what basis are you picking and choosing, Devo?

    With love and respect,


  25. No, that’s not what I said at all. Lets not be like fox new here and completely read what I stated. I said there is a difference between the old and the new testaments.

    Before Jesus, and after Jesus. The laws changed when Christ died and rose again and send his Holy Spirit upon us.

    I accept every word in the bible, and have been proven at times by the bible that my views are wrong. The bible also advises of this change in the law, so again, it’s not me that choose to make laws relevant or not. That is in Gods hands.

  26. I may have been a little mis-leading with the last sentence of my previous post. I should not have said, “I don’t think it’s relevant to us today.” I should have said the bible advises us of this change in the law, so I know the old testament is not relevant to us today.

  27. But Leviticus is part of the Old Testament, Debo, is it not? Which would place it within the questionable laws that you have chosen to disregard.

    Where have the laws changed? Jesus states in Matthew 5:17-18 that he does not intend to change the law: “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill.”

    So if we are taking the Bible literally, as you insist we must, then we must also accept that the Old Testament shall play as much of a role in our public policies as the New Testament.

    And we must stone those who swear and are promiscuous.

  28. I hate when people quote the King James Version of the Bible to support their views. It says it right there on the cover, “King James Version”.

    Aside from the Old English structure and room for mistranslation, ol’ King James had things changed to support his will.

  29. Hi, my name is Andrew and I have had same sex attraction since I was about 8 years old. When I began acting upon those desires, I felt completely guilty and wrong for my decision. I continued in that lifestyle the majority of my adolescent years. I trusted in Jesus when I was about 19 and I knew that God loved me for who I am…and in response, I choose not to hurt him by fulfilling those desires with another man. I still struggle with same sex attraction; however, with God’s help I have been able to flee those temptations. I now have a girlfriend that I have dated for four years. I could not be happier knowing that I am following God’s direction by guiding a godly woman to my life.

  30. I have some great news for you, Andrew! Same sex attraction isn’t wrong at all! Some people who express their love for someone of the same gender may be abused by their families or friends for having done so, leading to feelings of shame and guilt.

    That abuse is the work of Satan, not God. It is NEVER justified and it is NOT YOUR FAULT. I can assure you that God loves you as the gay man you are. He would never be hurt by seeing you in a loving, stable relationship with another man.

    It is heartbreaking that you felt the need to forsake yourself. Many who are browbeaten into attempting a heterosexual lifestyle hurt not only themselves, but the men/women they are in a relationship with, because deep down, they recognize that this is not who they are. It is a charade that helps no one and hurts everyone.

    Who you are is not a choice. God made you that way for a reason, Andrew, and God does not make mistakes!

    I will pray for your release from this hell you have created for yourself. You deserve the happiest, most fulfilled life you can find.

    With all God’s love,


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  32. To a degree, sexuality is a choice. People become homosexual in prisons, for example, and become straight afterwards or sometimes stay gay. This is due to the change in social norms.

    Some people are born “gay” as they have chromosomal issues (e.g. born seemingly male but are indeed female and visa versa). In this case, sexuality is not a choice. In Iran, for example, one can undergo a free sex change to resolve this issue.

    Irving Bieber and his colleagues in 1962 published Homosexuality: A Psychoanalytic Study of Male Homosexuals, which concluded that “although this change may be more easily accomplished by some than by others, in our judgment a heterosexual shift is a possibility for all homosexuals who are strongly motivated to change.”

    I don’t necessarily agree with the above in all cases (as for those born with chromosomal issues), however by and large it does make sense.

    However with the gay activist movement, it has allowed for gay people to not feel the need to “switch” to the predominant heterosexual orientation.

  33. @Debo: If you refer to “sodomy” in the context of the Bible, that covers all non-procreative sex, including oral and just about anything else you can think of that doesn’t make babies.

    @Rouby: People in prisons do not “become” gay. Rape has nothing to do with sexuality, but power. It is an awful saying, but even ugly girls get raped. Sex in prisons has nothing to do with attraction. Also, we’ve learned a lot about psychology since 1962.

    I find the correlation between interracial marriage and same-sex marriage to be absolutely fascinating. It wasn’t that long ago that we lived in a nation where women were property, African-Americans were 3/5 of a person, and homosexuality was completely misunderstood. We’re on our way, I hope.

  34. Okay, I’ll throw in my two cents worth, why not? I have a background in Anthropology; “fear of Otherness” is behind most prejudices against behavior an individual or society “abhors.” (That means if someone looks or acts “different” from those you know, they are unpredictable and might hurt you; therefore it makes you paranoid and hostile.) It happens with all kinds of cultural differences–different sex (“What do women want?” They want an even break, Mr. Freud); different skin color (usually meant different culture in the “old days”, an therefore triggered “fight or flight” in people, and hostility.) Anyone who’d done any cross-cultural or historical reading (not bowdlerized) will find that homosexuality is a constant throughout the world, and throughout history–it is a part of human nature. A large portion of the population, something ignored by those either fearful of or obsessed with (or both) Otherness, is, in fact, bisexual; it’s probably a “bell-shaped curve”, like intelligence, height, or most other facets of human (and animal) existence. Many people in our society don’t act on the dual attraction simply because it attracts too much trouble for them, in our still-immature society, sadly…. Furthermore, recent biological studies of other species prove that homosexuality exists throughout the animal kingdom. And as for different skin color being a reason to keep people from being together…well, how come that doesn’t bother cats, who come in all different colors, or dogs, who come in all different shapes and sizes, as well (and no, neither species is in face color-blind.) You could say “well, they’re just animals, what do they know?” You could…but you might ask, if they don’t mind, why should we? That makes us better? “Who died and made you God?” The more scientists study the human brain, the more they find that things we believe are “self-willed” are in fact hard-wired into the system. Live and let live, people. Love is hard enough to find in this difficult world. MYOB…. Nobody’s claiming you personally have to do anything you don’t want to do: But that does not give you the right to tell everyone else they have to be just like you. Or vice versa, for that matter. And as for passing a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage–as someone on another site pointed out, if you need a constitutional amendment to ban it, that means that under the law IT IS ALREADY LEGAL!
    Just call me “straight but not narrow”…. Have a nice day, y’all.

  35. Please pardon my typos; I’m not actually illiterate, my computer needs its teeth brushed. I should’ve read that over more carefully before I clicked on it.

  36. Karen, I can see that you are one of the few people who truly understand that mankind is evil by nature. The problem with people who don’t believe in the simple truth of the Bible , is that they don’t have God’s Spirit to lead them – they long time rejected the knowedge and take pride in attacking a Christian who truly believes like a child – these were Christs own words(Only when you believe like a child will you inherit the Kingdom of Heaven). Any person that attack your world view is really foolish. Romans 2 from verse 18 gives a good description of people who choose worldy wisdom and arguments to argue away their true trouble with what is right or wrong. God eventually allow them to be blinded and they will justify homosexuality and almost any abomination in the name of some sort of humanistic viewpoint. The fact is people use stupid arguments to make the Bible appear inconsistent – little are they seeking objectivity and clarity – only people who truly seek justice will hate injustice as much as God hates it. To call homosexual marriage natural is absurd, no-matter how insensitive it may sound, it is a result of the curse of sin on mankind that all these funny deviations in nature occurs. I have examined many of these types of people and there is always some deep anger and rebellion of some sort in their hearts. They cannot talk to you without having to implicate your intelligence or your objectivity. Their unwillingness to allow Gods power over the lives, keep them chained in sin. A rebellious person does not want help from the one they rebel against – since they are of course always right.

  37. After 18 years of Marriage the State of North Carolina has put tremendous pressure on my marriage.
    This State believes in God but Marriage is not valued in this State. It is important to give your children a healthy family infrastructure.

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