Filling Our Your NCAA Bracket, North Carolina Style

There are lots of different approaches to filling out your NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket. As for me, I’m staying loyal to the Old North State. Proud North Carolinians will have noticed already that our state has five teams in the final field, and that they’re spread throughout the bracket, leaving the possibility, however remote, for an all-North Carolina Final Four.

In three of the four regions it’s not that far fetched. You could easily see Duke advancing in the South, and there are two options in the Midwest, with the top-ranked Tar Heels and resurgent Wolfpack. Davidson would have a tough road in the West, but there are surprises every year and the Wildcats have been as far as the Elite Eight in recent memory. The most difficult region would be the South, where the only North Carolina team is the 16-seed UNC-Asheville. I have faith. I’m picking the Bulldogs to pull out a little mountain magic and make it all the way to New Orleans.

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