Recalling 1940 in North Carolina

With today’s big Census release, a few folks are probably thinking about the year 1940. You’ll need to take your mind back to that year to answer this quiz, titled “The Past Year in Carolina” and taken from the January 4, 1941 edition of The State magazine.

It’s a take home quiz. Feel free to use books or the Web. You can even visit the N.C. Collection. Don’t let the first question stop you from trying. You’ll be forgiven if you can’t answer some many of these. We’ll be impressed if you know the ones about State Commanders of the American Legion or the Potentate of the Sudan Temple. You’ll find the answers here tomorrow.

1. What was the name of the legislative reference librarian who died last January?
a. Frank Harrison b. David P. Morris c. Henry London d. John L. Simms

2. Who was appointed district attorney for Western North Carolina?
a. Zeb Nettles b. Lamar Caudle c. Henry Avery d. Dan Tompkins

3. What Congressman announced in January that he would not be a candidate for re-election but later was persuaded to change his mind?
a. Lindsay Warren b. Zebulon Weaver c. Bob Doughton d. A.L. Bulwinkle

4. Which of these prominent persons was elected Potentate of Sudan Temple last January?
a. Thad Eure b. J.C.B. Ehringhaus c. Libby Ward d. H.C. Bonner

5. Who ran for Commission of Agriculture against Kerr Scott?
a. Wayland Spruill b. Stanley Wohl c. Henry Simmons d. Escar Jivatode

6. Who was appointed state manager of J.M. Broughton’s campaign?
a. Emerey B. Denny b. R.E. Powell c. Charles Jonas d. Wilbur Bunn

7. What North Carolinian was elected president of Clemson College?
a. S.M. Pollard b. Prof. Luke Stevens c. Dr. Frank Poole d. S. Upchurch

8. What former candidate for Governor was badly cut about the face and head in an auto accident near Morrisville last April?
a. Sandy Graham b. Paul Grady c. Dr. McDonald d. Lee Gravely

9. What was the name of the commandant at Fort Bragg during the early part of 1940?
a. L.A. McCloskey b. William Bryden c. P.A. Bowley d. R.A. Wilson

10. James A. Farley dedicated three post offices in North Carolina last April. We won’t give you any hints on this question: merely name one of those three towns.

11. What town had a tulip festival last April?
a. Golsboro b. Washington c. Tulipsboro d. Elizabeth City

12. What well-known editor in eastern North Carolina was killed in an automobile accident last April?
a. L.A. Hennesey b. Billy Arthur c. W.O. Saunders d. Herbert Peele

13. What town staged a Gallopade during the early part of last May?
a. Wilson b. Wilmington c. Rocky Mount d. Fayetteville

14. Who delivered the keynote speech at the Democratic State Convention?
a. Cam Morrison b. J.M. Broughton c. Hiden Ramsey d. Thomas E. Dewey

15. What widely known textile manufacturer died in Greensboro last May?
a. Julius W. Cone b. Henry E. Holt c. Spencer Love d. L.W. Elliott

16. What town held a Mimosa Festival last June?
a. Morganton b. Tryon c. Marion d. Rutherfordton

17. Who was appointed the only woman member of the new National Defense Commission?
a. Lady Godiva b. Miss Marion Ellis b. Beatrice Cobb d. Harriett Elliott

18. Who ran second to R.L. Harris in the contest for the nomination for Lieutenant Governor on the Democratic ticket?
a. Dan Tompkins b. Paul Grady c. Erskin Smith d. Man o’War

19. What town held a Cotton Festival last June?
a. Smithfield b. Shelby c. Gastonia d. Concord

20. What Republican candidate for President spoke in Greensboro and Winston-Salem last June? We won’t give you any hint about him.

21. The Carnation Milk Company started a big canning plant in what city last June?
a. Hickory b. Statesville c. Salisbury d. N. Wilkesboro

22. What town staged a turtle derby?
a. Mount Airy b. Burlington c. Lenoir d. Elkin

23. Who was elected State Commander of the American Legion in June?
a. June Rose b. Julian Price c. R. Dave Hall d. P.A. Davison

24. What county voted last July to do away with its liquour stores?
a. Sampson b. Robeson c. Johnston d. Martin

25. What member of the State Board of Conservation and Development died last July?
a. J.Q. Gilkey b.L.E. McKee c. D.B. McCrary d. P.E. Radcliffe

26. What pioneer textile manufacturer died in Charlotte last July?
a. Paul Hollis b. Stuart Cramer c. Samuel Ellis d. H.P. Norris

27. What young man in Dunn shot at his sweetheart last July and married her last month?
a. Johnnie Weeks b. Tommy Samuels c. Eddie Browning d. Mack Hobson

28. What new state park was dedicated last June?
a. Hanging Rock b. Nantahala c. Newfound Gap d. Morrow Mountain

29. Who was named Comptroller General of the U.S. last July?
a. R.A. Doughton b. Frank Hancock c. Lindsay Warren d. Gregg Cherry

30. What distinquished figure in the movie industry visited eastern North Carolina last July?
a. Clark Gable b. Cecil DeMille c. Sam Goldwyn d. Wallace Berry

31. Where was the Great Smokies National Park dedicated last September?
a. Newfound Gap b. Clingmans Dome c. Cherokee d. Bear Grass

32. What city celebrated its centennial last week in August?
a. Shelby b. Tarboro c. Gastonia d. Rockingham

33. Who was elected Congressman from the First Congressional District?
a. Herbert Bonner b. Herbert Leary c. Marvin Blount d. Sam M. Blount

34. What high school team won the national baseball championship last September?
a. Albemarle b. Dunn c. Wilson d. Gastonia

35. What was the name of the commandant at Fort Bragg who assumed the duties of his office last September?
a. L.A. McEwer b. F.W. Honeycutt c. N.A. Bascomb d. P.W. Lewis

36. Who was elected president of the North Carolina Yong Democrat Clubs last September?
a. John Lang b. Ralph Gardner c. John Larkins d. Dick Reynolds

37. Who was in charge of the Democrats-for-Wilkie campaign in North Carolina?
a. Herbert Rountree b. Alex Saunders c. Paul Leonard d. Cam Morrison

38. What city had some trouble with its water supply in October?
a. Asheville b. Wilmington c. Salisbury d. Elizabeth City

39. Two of these men are candidates for the position of State Commander of the American Legion.
a. Victor Johnson b. R.L. McMillan c. David L. Brown d. P.O. Anderson

40. One of these men was elected a member of the Board of Conservation and Development to succeed a member who died during the early part of the year.
a. Harper Bland b. Henry Truesdale c. Walter Lambeth d. Josh Horne

2 thoughts on “Recalling 1940 in North Carolina”

  1. Does the lack of comments mean that the quiz was too hard? I’m hoping it was just a busy Monday and there was little time for quizzes.

    As promised, here are the answers.
    1. c
    2. b
    3. c
    4. b
    5. a
    6. a
    8. c
    9. b
    10. Canton, Statesville or Boone
    11. b
    12. c
    13. c
    14. c
    15. a
    16. a
    17. d
    18. c
    19. c
    20. Thomas Dewey
    21. b
    22. a
    23. c
    24. c
    25. a
    26. b
    27. d
    28. d
    29. c
    30. b
    31. a
    32. a
    33. a
    34. a
    35. b
    36. b
    37. c
    38. b
    39. a and b
    40. c

  2. Who wouldn’t be curious about No. 27? There’s a Mack Hobson of Dunn, Class of ’40, depicted in the Yackety Yack alongside a Luther Hodges of Lilesville.

    Here’s an editorial from the Charlotte News (Sept. 6, 1940):

    “Tragic is the case of Mack Hobson of Dunn. And the judge who sentenced him to four months in jail must have had a tussle in making up his mind as to exactly what ought to be done with him.
    “The boy has hung up a brilliant record at the University of North Carolina and had every prospect of a brilliant career before him. He was undoubtedly laboring under the influence of powerful emotions when he entered the store and pulled out a gun–to shoot himself, he said, in front of the girl, Alease Tart; she says to shoot her if she hadn’t grabbed the gun. And, by some ironic quirk of fate, it is precisely the brilliant who are most liable to violent emotional upsets.
    “On the other hand, and accepting his own account of his purpose (as the judge seems to have done), his act had endangered a large number of people and resulted in the wounding–painful if not dangerous–of two innocent bystanders. And to let him go simply because he is brilliant and because of understanding of the stress under which he operated would be grossly unfair and would set up a perilous precedent. There will be many people, indeed, who will think that the four-month jail term imposed on him was quite inadequate.
    “However, it is possible to hope that he will have learned his lesson, which is the main thing. And his punishment is actually far greater than the length of the prison term indicates. He has not perhaps absolutely estopped himself from the realization of his future prospects, but he has certainly loaded himself with a tremendous handicap to begin with. For four months in jail is a hard thing to forget or to be forgotten.”
    Anyone have the rest of the story?

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