Prohibition gave Coca-Cola break it needed

On this day in 1902: In Charlotte, J. Luther Snyder dispenses the first Coca-Cola bottled in the Carolinas. Until now Coke had been available only at soda fountains.

Snyder will recall that business is mediocre until the arrival of Prohibition in Charlotte in 1905: “Eighteen saloons, two breweries. . . . I had a terrible time selling soft drinks with that kind of competition.”

One thought on “Prohibition gave Coca-Cola break it needed”

  1. If J. Luther Snyder was the first distributer then why do the Harrisons who now run CCBottling in Charlotte say their ancestors were the first??They changed this history when they began running CCBC. They even post it on the trucks?

    Would you please send me a copy of this quote. J. Luther is my relative.

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