8 thoughts on “Is N.C. lacking in attractive small towns?”

  1. Not really familiar with the towns in the article, but I live in Hillsborough and am sure it could fit comfortably into the list of best small towns in America.

  2. Yes. While NC has some nice towns throughout the state, many states, especially in the northeast, have numerous postcard-perfect little towns. I think it has something to do with a relatively stable population over a long time in other places. NC towns for the most part are either seeing great increases in population, especially in the suburban areas around our cities, or have seen a decrease in population as many factory towns have lost their main employer in the last 20 years.

  3. when I lived in the DC area I was always amazed at how well preserved many of the small towns in Northern Virginia and Maryland were. I guess the stability of the federal government nearby helps to pump enough money into these towns that they didn’t die like many southern towns did when factories packed up and moved overseas.

  4. NC definitely has a lack of small cute towns. Growing up in the Northeast where there is a much larger volume of cute, small towns you notice their absence here. Unfortunately, we will not likely see more of them either as modern growth is focused on “developments” and neighborhoods and will not create the cute organic towns that came to be cities were developed and grew at the turn of the century.

    Still love NC!

  5. I’ve been to 17 of the 20 “small towns” and most of those places would be thought of as “mid-size cities” in North Carolina.

  6. Morganton, with it’s real live multiscreen movie thee-aye-ter on the old courthouse square, must fit in there.

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