NC Miscellany on WFAE

This morning, the “Charlotte Talks” program on radio station WFAE in Charlotte featured a discussion about the North Carolina Miscellany blog. NCC staff member John Blythe and contributor-extraordinaire Lew Powell talked with host Mike Collins about the origins of the blog, the appeal of North Carolina history and culture, and some of their favorite posts. An archived version of the story is now available on the WFAE website.

7 thoughts on “NC Miscellany on WFAE”

  1. John and Lew…I really enjoyed your WFAE radio interview this morning. Have either of you ever thought about a radio version of the blog?

  2. Kevin,
    I studied up on my Otto Wood facts and was ready for a question. But, alas, his name did not come up.

    Thanks for your kind words. Lew and I are talking to an agent as we speak!

    Actually, I hadn’t given NC Miscellany Radio a thought. I love the medium. In fact, I once worked as a radio producer. But I suspect it might be hard to recreate on a regular basis the fun that I had this morning. Would you settle for a few audio clips on the blog every now and then?

  3. A monthly interview show would be great! Think of the speakers and writers who are always passing through. And taped events with your color commentary.

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