Chocolate recipes from the collection to celebrate National Chocolate Day.

This Saturday, October 28 is National Chocolate day so grab some cocoa powder, a chocolate bar, and your favorite chocolate recipe and get to celebrating.

“Killer Brownies”

“Sweet Chocolate Double-Deck Brownies” from Red’s Cook Book: (Road Kill Not Included).

“Chocolate Suicide Cake”

“Chocolate Gravy” from Welkom: Terra Ceia Cookbook III, a Collection of Recipes.

“Chocolate Sundae Pie” from Favorite Recipes of the Lower Cape Fear.

“Chocolate Brownie Fudge Cake” from What’s cook’n at Biltmore.

“Chocolate Delight Dessert” from The Charlotte Cookbook.

“Choco-Maple Marvel” from Home Cookin’.

Hoey stood in for McCarthy in investigating gays

“Despite much speculation, no one really knows why longtime bachelor Senator [Joe] McCarthy was significantly uninterested in the problem of homosexuals in the United States government, but the task was left to North Carolina Democratic senator Clyde Hoey and Nebraska Republican senator Kenneth Wherry….

“Senator Hoey’s investigations produced the ‘finding’ that homosexuals threatened national security. A scant seven years later, a Navy Department report concluded that the Hoey report was, well, hooey, but after 1950 the homosexual security threat was a legislative fact. In April 1953, President Eisenhower signed Executive Order 10450 barring ‘sexual perverts’ from federal employment.”

— From “Victory: The Triumphant Gay Revolution” by Linda Hirshman (2012)