Have some more ribs, Weather Channel guys

” ‘These Weather Channel guys are treated like frigging royalty,’ I was told by a satellite-truck operator [working on Hurricane Floyd in 1999]. ‘Usually, local people treat the media like scum — vultures preying on a disaster. But local people love these Weather Channel guys.

” ‘When we were in North Carolina for Dennis ‘ — the hurricane that had threatened the East Coast a week earlier — ‘people were coming to the truck with plates of ribs, cold drinks, pie, you name it. It was amazing.’ ”

— From “Flash of Genius: And Other True Stories of Invention” by John Seabrook (2008)


One thought on “Have some more ribs, Weather Channel guys”

  1. I don’t understand why someone would think that the folks going to areas that were wrecked by a natural disaster to report what happened are vultures. We love our reporters here in Philly. Especially our weather people. They are like celebs here. I guess we treat them like the “Weather Channel Guys” have been. Minus the plate of ribs. Maybe a cheesesteak though.

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