Local North Carolina cookbooks get a nod in the News & Observer.

In her 11/28/12 article, My house is home to a bid bug, Andrea Weigl tells of how her affinity for community and church cookbooks all started with a hunt for southern recipes.  Some recipes mentioned include pickles, preserves, cheese biscuits, tuna casserole, spoon bread, and lemon chess pie.  So we scoured our cookbook collection to see if we could locate these treasures too.

“Crisp Pickles” from Historic Moores Creek Cook Book: A Collection of Old and New Recipes.

“Easy, Quick Peach Preserves” from Columbus County Cookbook II.

“Cheese Biscuits”

“Sweet Pear Relish”

“Coconut Candy” from Favorite Recipes of the Lower Cape Fear.

“Tuna Casserole” from Hyde County Cook Book.

“Deep South Spoon Bread” from Good Eatin’ from Duke Memorial United Methodist Church, Durham, North Carolina.

“Lemon Chess Pie” from Peace Cookbook.

“Pound Cake” from Favorite Recipes.

“Blackberry Jam Cake” from The Charlotte Cookbook.