Mousse, it’s not just for chocolate.

November 30th is National Mousse Day.  You may be surprised what all you can turn into a mousse.

“Asparagus Mousse” from Peace Cookbook.

“Blue Cheese Mousse”

“Spam Mousse” from Dixie Classic Fair for Northwest North Carolina: Favorite Recipes from Friends of the Fair.

“Malay Mousse” from High Hampton Hospitality.

“Cucumber Mousse” from Home Cookin’.

“Maple Mousse” from Favorite Recipes.

“Chicken Mousse” from Soup to Nuts: A Cook Book of Recipes Contributed by Housewives and Husbands of Alamance County and Other Sections of State and Country.

“Pumpkin Mousse” from Classic Cookbook.

“Chocolate Mousse a la Graymont” from Favorite Recipes of the Lower Cape Fear.

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