Working Up the Senior Set

The national debt was much discussed this past election season. Voters were urged to think of the future generations—all those children and grandchildren who will be burden by our fiscal irresponsibility and that of the politicians that we’ve elected. But cute little kids don’t vote, and senior citizens do, so both major parties made appeals to this group. Seniors were told that Mitt Romney “will end guaranteed benefits for Medicare” and that his tax plan “could mean hiking taxes on Social Security benefits.” Meanwhile “Obamacare cut $716 billion from Medicare spending to pay for new entitlements” and will result in “loss of access to doctors and treatments.” Seniors were warned that they face a precarious future of reduced access to doctors, rationing of medical treatments, raised prescription drug costs, higher taxes on Social Security benefits, and victimization by private insurance profiteers. Death panels were not mentioned as they were in 2009, but seniors were given plenty of other things to worry about. You can see the concern on their faces as they appeared in mailings that some North Carolina voters received from the North Carolina Democratic Party (left image) and Americans for Tax Reform (center and right images).