The Tar Heel celebrates its 120th birthday

The UNC-Chapel Hill student newspaper printed its first issue on February 23, 1893. The Tar Heel‘s editors explained that the paper, issued every Thursday morning, would include “a summary of all occurrences in the University and village of Chapel Hill.” The paper vowed to cover UNC sports, “all society news, personals and every subject of interest to both the students and citizens of the village.” The Tar Heel was published by the University Athletic Association. Charles Baskerville, a Mississippi native and star student at UNC, served as both head of the Athletic Association and editor-in-chief of the paper. The Tar Heel was available by subscription, charging $1.50 per session.

Baskerville and his five sub-editors seemed to realize the weightiness of their endeavor, writing:

This new venture is necessarily entered upon by the present board with no little trepidation, nevertheless with a determination, to make a success which can only be done through the indulgence and assistance of our faculty and fellow-students. Therefore we invite honest criticism and any aid in the advancement of this new project will be thoroughly appreciated.

Indeed, many a fellow student has contributed to the success and longevity of this noted form of Tar Heel Ink. Happy birthday and many thanks to each and every one of them.

Just the basics…recipes from the collection.

A Good Basic Layer Cake - Favorite Recipes of the Lower Cape Fear

A Good Basic Layer Cake from Favorite Recipes of the Lower Cape Fear.

Basic Biscuits-Good Eatin' from Duke Memorial

Basic Biscuits and…

Basic Muffins-Good Eatin' from Duke Memorial

Basic Muffins from Good Eatin’ from Duke Memorial United Methodist Church, Durham, North Carolina.

Basic Quiche-Just Like Grandma Used to Make

Basic Quiche from Just Like Grandma Used to Make.

Basic Chicken Stock - Well, Shut My Mouth!

Basic Chicken Stock from Well, Shut My Mouth! The Sweet Potatoes Restaurant Cookbook.

Basic Piecrust - Sweet Carolina

Basic Pie Crust from Sweet Carolina: Favorite Desserts and Candies from the Old North State.

Basic Sweet Dough - Welkom

Basic Sweet Dough from Welkom: Terra Ceia Cookbook III, a Collection of Recipes.

Basic vanilla ice cream - High Hampton Hospitality

Basic Vanilla Ice Cream from High Hampton Hospitality.

Edward Gorey and Thomas Wolfe

doodleToday’s Google doodle commemorates the birthday of author and illustrator Edward Gorey. Gorey, whose odd but simple stories and gothic illustrations remain quite popular today, designed book covers early in his career. His iconic artworks grace the covers of a series of paperbacks published by Anchor Books. The wide-ranging series includes authors from Chaucer to Henry James to (perhaps more appropriately for Gorey) Franz Kafka, and features two late novels by Thomas Wolfe.

Fans of Gorey work will recognize his work on the covers of these editions of The Web and the Rock (Anchor, 1953) and You Can’t Go Home Again (Anchor, 1957). Both are from the Thomas Wolfe Collection in the North Carolina Collection.webandtherock


When Jim Crow cost him workers, Reynolds fought back

“In 1913, tobacco worker William Darnell, attempting to build a house on a corner lot at Eleventh Street and Highland Avenue, was arrested because he was black and all the other residents on the street were white. The legal case that ensued [challenging Winston-Salem’s residential segregation law]  speaks to the behind-the-scenes power of R.J.R. to override Jim Crow when it served the company’s own interests….

“When the jury returned a verdict of guilty, [Darnell’s R.J.R-allied lawyers] immediately appealed….  Although the law was clearly on the side of prosecutors, Supreme Court Chief Justice Walter Clark overruled the decision…  in an effort to encourage African Americans to stay in Winston [rather than seeking jobs in the North]… citing the Irish exodus from Great Britain and Jewish emigration from Russia….”

— From “Katharine and R. J. Reynolds: Partners of Fortune in the Making of the New South” by Michele Gillespie (2012)