Berry good recipes from the collection.

Blackberry Leather-Cooking with Berries

Blackberry Leather from Cooking with berries.

Lush mush - The Charlotte Cookbook

Lush Mush from The Charlotte cookbook.

Cranberry Ketchup-Cooking with Berries

Cranberry Ketchup from Cooking with berries.

Crazy Berry Blue Pie - A Taste of the Old and the New

Crazy Berry Blue Pie from A Taste of the old and the new.

Raspberry Trifle - The Cat Who...Cookbook

Raspberry Trifle from The cat who– cookbook.

Elderberry Soup-Cooking with Berries

Elderberry Soup from Cooking with berries.

Sour Cream Blackberry Pie - The Lost Colony Cookbook

Sour Cream Blackberry Pie from The lost colony cookbook : 400 years of fine food & feasts in the Old World & the New.

Cranberry Beef Stew-Cooking with Berries

Cranberry Beef Stew from Cooking with berries.