FDR attends The Lost Colony – Caught by Albertype


Seen this one before? Probably not. I suspect this photo never made its way to print. The image of FDR on Roanoke Island is among prints and negatives in the Albertype Company Collection of the North Carolina Collection Photographic Archive (NCCPA). We recently added a host of scans from the collection to our Digital NCCPA.

Albertype was a Brooklyn-based postcard and viewbook publishing company that operated from 1892 to 1950. During its six decades of operation, the company produced more than 25,000 prints. Albertype sent photographers throughout the country to capture people and places on film. In the early days the company relied on a relatively new technological innovation, the collotype or albertype, to photomechanically reproduce images.

Our Albertype Collection includes another image that was likely shot the same day.


The motorcade appears to include Roosevelt, Governor Clyde R. Hoey (backseat, middle) and, perhaps, Paul Green (backseat, right). Roosevelt’s visit to Roanoke Island included a viewing of The Lost Colony. Green’s outdoor drama included actors from the Federal Actors Project performing in a theater built by the Civilian Conservation Corps—two agencies created as a part of FDR’s New Deal. Roosevelt visited Roanoke Island on August 18, 1937— the 350th anniversary of Virginia Dare’s birth and a little more than a month after the July 4 premiere of Green’s drama. In addition to catching a performance of The Lost Colony, the President delivered an address.

The photographer of these images is unidentified. The quality of the photographs suggest that his/her work with the Albertype Company may have been short-lived.

Of course, Albertype didn’t have the only photographer on the scene. This lensman (or lenswoman) was better positioned (FYI: we’re doing some web cleanup and this link may eventually die).

3 thoughts on “FDR attends The Lost Colony – Caught by Albertype”

  1. One North Carolina Collection friend has suggested that the man on the far right in FDR’s car may be Congressman Lindsay C. Warren Sr. That would make sense. Warren represented the 1st Congressional District from 1925 to 1940. The district included Dare County.

  2. I believe the three in the backseat are FDR, Clyde Hoey, and Lindsay C. Warren. In our collection at the State Archives of North carolina we have this image from Roosevelt’s trip to the Lost Colony:

    ConDev57-314 (L-R) President Franklin D. Roosevelt riding in open car with Governor Clyde Hoey and Congressman Lindsay C. Warren at the entrance to rebuilt Fort Raleigh, Manteo, NC, on or just before August 18, 1937, when he came to see the Lost Colony. Copy neg from Lewis Watson. Source: the Star-News, Sunday, August 11, 1957, Wilmington, NC

    See the link here for that image –

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