Recipes from the collection for the football fan.

Football season is upon us!  Tomorrow is the first home game for the Tar Heels.  Tailgaters will descend upon UNC and pepper the parking lots with their tents, grills, and coolers.  If you are in need of some tailgating goodies for your Saturday, try out a few of these.  Go Heels!

Charlie Choo Choo Justice's Pork Chops-Redskins Style-Tarheels Cooking for Ronald's Kids

Pork Chops – Redskins Style from Tarheels cooking for Ronald’s kids.

Tailgate Coleslaw - The Cat Who...Cookbook

Tailgate Coleslaw from The cat who– cookbook.

finger rolls with chicken salad - Carolina Cooking

Finger Rolls with Chicken Salad from Carolina cooking

Jet Age Reuben-Rush Hour Superchef!

Jet Age Reuben from Rush hour superchef! : with step-by-step menus.

Spicy Curry Dip-The Pantry Shelf

Spicy Curry Dip from The Pantry shelf : 1907-1982.

Swiss Mix Sandwich Filling - Company's Coming

Swiss Mix Sandwich Filling from Company’s coming : a recipe collection from North Carolinians who enjoy company coming.

Pungent Chicken Wings - Best of the Best

Pungent Chicken Wings from Best of the best from North Carolina : selected recipes from North Carolina’s favorite cookbooks.

Once upon a time, there was a N.C. legislature that….

“In certain Southern places, the economic crisis of the 1890s drove Populists and Republicans into each other’s arms…. Fragile biracial coalitions elected ‘fusion’ tickets in Alabama, Georgia, Texas and — most successfully — in North Carolina….

“Between 1894 and 1898, the fusionist legislature required ‘The School History of the Negro Race in the United States’ to be taught in North Carolina public schools; it also raised money for education and poor relief by increasing taxes on railroads and other corporations….”

— From “Rebirth of a Nation: The Making of Modern America, 1877-1920” by Jackson Lears (2009)