It’s World Egg Day!…recipes from the collection.

The second Friday of October marks World Egg Day.  So pull out that carton of eggs and get to celebrating.  Interested in finding out more about World Egg Day?  Check out the International Egg Commission for the answers to all your inquiries.

Beauregarde Eggs - Raleigh Cook Book

Beauregarde Eggs from The Raleigh cook book.

Cheesy Egg Pizza - Welkom

Cheesy Egg Pizza from Welkom : Terra Ceia cookbook III, a collection of recipes.

Confetti Egg Casserole - Pass the Plate

Confetti Egg Casserole from Pass the plate : the collection from Christ Church.

Chili Stuffed Eggs - Family Circle

Chili Stuffed Eggs from The Family circle cookbook.

Egg Timbales - Capital City

Egg Timbales from Capital city cook book : a collection of practical tested receipts.

Swedish Boiled Egg Coffee - Mountain Elegance

Swedish Boiled Egg Coffee from Mountain elegance : a collection of favorite recipes.

A Smoked Egg Dip - The Lost Colony Cookbook

A Smoked Egg Dip from The lost colony cookbook : 400 years of fine food & feasts in the Old World & the New.

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