Sweets for your sweet and a few other recipes for your Valentine.

How to preserve a husband - Soup to Nuts

How to Preserve a Husband from Soup to nuts : a cook book of recipes contributed by housewives and husbands of Alamance County and other sections of state and country.

Hawaiian Love Potion - Red's Cook Book

Hawaiian Love Potion from Red’s cook book : (road kill not included).

'Better Than Loving' Cake - Supper's at Six

“Better than Loving” Cake from Supper’s at six and we’re not waiting!

Sweet Potato Love Buns - Best of the Best

Sweet Potato Love Buns from Best of the best from Carolina cooking : selected recipes from the North Carolina AT & T Pioneers.

Sweetheart parfait - Classic Cookbook of Duke Hospital

Sweetheart Parfait from Classic cookbook.

Between the Sheets - Hemingway & Bailey's Bartending Guide

Between the Sheets from Hemingway & Bailey’s bartending guide to great American writers.

Coconut Kisses - The Clockwatcher's Cookbook

Coconut Kisses from The clock watcher’s cook book.

Kiss Pudding - Raleigh Cook Book

Kiss Pudding from The Raleigh cook book.

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