Recipes with personality.

Eggless, Milkless, Butterless Cake - Progressive Farmer

from The Progressive farmer’s southern cookbook.

Silly Pie-The Pantry Shelf

Silly Pie from The Pantry shelf : 1907-1982.

USED 3-10-14 Sassy Shrimp Mold - Pass the Plate

Sassy Shrimp Mold from Pass the plate : the collection from Christ Church.

Wacky Cake - A Taste of the Old and the New

Wacky Cake from A Taste of the old and the new.

Sweet n' Sassy Chicken - Company's Coming

Sweet N’ Sassy Chicken from Company’s coming : a recipe collection from North Carolinians who enjoy company coming.

A Peculiar Cake - The Clockwatcher's Cookbook

A Peculiar Cake from The clock watcher’s cook book.

Crazy Cobbler - High Hampton Hospitality

Crazy Cobbler from High Hampton hospitality.

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