Salad recipes from the collection.

Salad poem - Kitchen Kapers

from Kitchen kapers.

Cranberry Spinach Salad-Flavors of Fearrington

Cranberry Spinach Salad from Flavors of Fearrington : the village where neighbors care and community is alive.

Waikiki Beach Salad-The Clockwatcher's Cookbook

Waikiki Beach Salad from The clock watcher’s cook book.

Chicken and Wild Rice Salad - North Carolina Bed&Breakfast Cookbook

Chicken & Wild Rice Salad from North Carolina bed & breakfast cookbook.

Captivating Italian Chopped Salad - Hornets Homecooking

Captivating Italian Chopped Salad from Hornets homecooking : favorite family recipes from the Charlotte Hornets players, coaches, staff and special fans.

Frozen Dreamy Fruit Salad - Nightingales in the Kitchen

Frozen Dreamy Fruit Salad from Nightingales in the kitchen

basketmaker's salad - Columbus County Cookbook II

Basketmaker’s Salad from Columbus County cookbook II.

Ruby Red Avocado Salad - The Carolina Collection

Ruby Red Avocado Salad from The Carolina collection.

N.C.’s ‘mask of nationality’ wasn’t to be trusted

“Much is said of the hypocrisy of the South. I found but little of it anywhere. The North-Carolinian calls himself a Unionist, but he makes no special pretence of love for the Union.

“He desires many favors, but he asks them generally on the ground that he hated the Secessionists. He expects the nation to recognize rare virtue in that hatred, and hopes it may win for his State the restoration of her political rights; but he wears his mask of nationality so lightly that there is no difficulty in removing it.”

— From “Three Months Among the Reconstructionists” by Sidney Andrews in The Atlantic (February 1866)