Yankees in the kitchen…recipes from the collection.

Ken's Yankee Chili - What's Cookin' in 1822

Ken’s Yankee Chili  from What’s cookin’? in 1822.

Yankee Country Ham - A Dash of Down East

Yankee Country Ham from A dash of Down East.

Northern Spaghetti - Favorite Fancies

Northern Spaghetti from Favorite fancies cook book.

Yankee Doodle Salad - Family Circle

Yankee Doodle Salad from The Family circle cookbook.

Yankee Noodle Bake-The Clockwatcher's Cookbook

Yankee Noodle Bake from The clock watcher’s cook book.

Yankee Seafood Casserole - Tarheels Cooking for Ronald's Kids

Yankee Seafood Casserole from Tarheels cooking for Ronald’s kids.

Yankee Slaw - What's Cookin' in 1822

Yankee Slaw from What’s cookin’? in 1822.

Artifacts of the Month: Costume pieces from Thomas Wolfe play

When the Thomas Wolfe Society meets later this month, they’ll honor Thomas Wolfe the writer. We’d like to take a moment to salute Thomas Wolfe the actor.

In 1919, Wolfe was an eighteen-year-old college student in a playwriting class at UNC, which was taught by Carolina Playmakers founder Frederick “Proff” Koch. The student playwrights’ first plays produced on stage included Wolfe’s The Return of Buck Gavin. In the absence of a willing volunteer to play the title character, Koch convinced a reluctant Wolfe to take on the role.

When Thomas Wolfe made his stage debut as the mountain outlaw Buck Gavin, he wore a button-down shirt, pants tucked into tall boots, and this belt, which is one of our May Artifacts of the Month.

Belt worn by Thomas Wolfe

Photo of Thomas Wolfe play

Wolfe appeared alongside Leila Nance Moffatt, who played Mary Gavin. Mary wore a dress, apron, and a pair of brown shoes.

dress and apron worn in Thomas Wolfe play

Shoes worn in Thomas Wolfe play

All of these items can be seen through June 10 in the North Carolina Collection Gallery’s exhibit Making a People’s Theater: Proff Koch and the Carolina Playmakers.