Yankees in the kitchen…recipes from the collection.

Ken's Yankee Chili - What's Cookin' in 1822

Ken’s Yankee Chili  from What’s cookin’? in 1822.

Yankee Country Ham - A Dash of Down East

Yankee Country Ham from A dash of Down East.

Northern Spaghetti - Favorite Fancies

Northern Spaghetti from Favorite fancies cook book.

Yankee Doodle Salad - Family Circle

Yankee Doodle Salad from The Family circle cookbook.

Yankee Noodle Bake-The Clockwatcher's Cookbook

Yankee Noodle Bake from The clock watcher’s cook book.

Yankee Seafood Casserole - Tarheels Cooking for Ronald's Kids

Yankee Seafood Casserole from Tarheels cooking for Ronald’s kids.

Yankee Slaw - What's Cookin' in 1822

Yankee Slaw from What’s cookin’? in 1822.

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