Of course not — just got some goat soap in my eye….

“[The parents of John Green, author of the young-adult tearjerker  “The Fault in Our Stars”] retired to [Fairview] North Carolina, where, as he puts it, they grow vegetables and make soap, literally:

” ‘My mum has a business making soap from goat’s milk. Farmer Jane Soaps…. It’s infuriatingly inefficiently run. It could be a very successful business, but my mum defiantly makes it unprofitable. Like, if you push her about it — “Mom, you literally lose money on some of your soap sales” — she says “Oh, but I really like the people.” ’ ”

— From “The Teen Whisperer” by Margaret Talbot in The New Yorker (June 9)

Did you know North Carolina has two Fairviews?