Cooking to Kill…recipes from the collection

Cover - Cooking to Kill - Copy

In Memory - Cooking to Kill

In honor of Halloween, we introduce Cooking to Kill by Ebenezer Murgatroyd. Mount Vernon, N.Y.: Peter Pauper Press, c1951.

Over the years we have found some interesting pieces in our cookbook collection, but we may have bitten off more than we can chew with this one. With recipes such as “Potted Mother-in-Law on Toast,” “Roast Savory of Smothered Guest,” and “Stuffed Spoiled Brat”, Cooking to Kill might be the most disturbing and darkly humorous book we have come across in years. Thinking on our reactions to the macabre instructions and illustrations, we imagine that the contemporary readers of the 1950s would not have had the appetite to devour such an assemblage of recipes either.

Inside Cover - Cooking to Kill

Getting Mom Packed - Cooking to Kill

Potted Mother-in-Law on Toast - Cooking to Kill

Roast Savory of Smothered Guest - Cooking to Kill

Stuffed Spoiled Brat - Cooking to Kill

Having the Joneses for Dinner - Cooking to Kill

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  1. This is such a gruesome post! However, it’s different and quite refreshing at the same time. Good work Alison!

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