For bingo games, arm of state law is long indeed

“For certain organizations in North Carolina, bingo games can last only up to five hours. The state’s administrative code even contains a few more explicit restrictions on the game: only one in a 48-hour period and no more than a $500 prize.

“Our best guess as to the motivation behind this law? Retirement homes needed to crack down on geriatric bingo sharks.”

— From “Here are the most ridiculous laws in every state” by Christina Sterbenz and Melia Robinson at Business Insider (Feb. 21, 2014)

“Geriatric bingo sharks”? Hmm, doubtful. But something scary must have motivated the legislature to enact such lengthily-detailed restrictions — including a whole section on “beach bingo”!


One thought on “For bingo games, arm of state law is long indeed”

  1. I leave in a retirement community where we can on play Beach Bingo due to the State Statues. The State should allow bingo games, other than Beach Bingo, for retirement communities and assistant living facilities to be able to play and not limit it to Beach Bingo where the prize limit is only $10.00 a game. The communities and facilities should only allow residents to participate in the games. Some states have changed their Bingo laws incorporating this change.

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