What’s Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie?

Pie 2 - Progressive Farmer

Image from The Progressive farmer’s southern cookbook.

My Favorite Pumpkin Pie - Supper's at Six

My Favorite Pumpkin Pie from Supper’s at six and we’re not waiting!

caramel pecan pumpkin pie - What's Cook'n at Biltmore

Caramel Pecan Pumpkin Pie from What’s cook’n at Biltmore.

I Can't Make a Pumpkin Pie-Dixie Classie Fair

I can’t Make a Pumpkin Pie from Dixie Classic Fair for Northwest North Carolina : favorite recipes from friends of the Fair.

Old river boat pumpkin pie - Good Eatin' from Duke Memorial

Old River Boat Pumpkin Pie from Good eatin’ from Duke Memorial United Methodist Church, Durham, North Carolina.

Low Sugar Pumpkin Pie - Heavenly Helpings

Low Sugar Pumpkin Pie from Heavenly helpings, seasoned with love : recipes collected from great cooks past and present of White Oak Baptist Church, Archer Lodge, NC.

Pumpkin Pie Dip - Cooking on the Cutting Edge

Pumpkin Pie Dip from Cooking on the cutting edge.

Who's a Country Bumpkin Pumpkin Pie Dessert - Auntie Bee's

Who’s a Country Bumpkin Pumpkin Pie Dessert from Aunt Bee’s delightful desserts.

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