Let’s go camping!…recipes from the collection.

USED 9-23-15 Outdoor Cooking Picture - Keepers of the Hearth

Image from Keepers of the hearth : based on records, ledgers and shared recipes of the families connected with Mill Prong House, Edinborough Road, Hoke County, North Carolina.

USED 9-23-15 Food to cook over a campfire - Favorite Fancies

Foods to Cook Over a Campfire from Favorite fancies cook book.

USED 9-23-15 Camper's Stew - Farmville

Camper’s Stew from The Farmville cook book.

USED 9-23-15 Campfire Bacon and Eggs in a Bag - Cooking in the Moment

Campfire Bacon and Eggs in a Bag from Cooking in the moment : a year of seasonal recipes.

USED 9-23-15 Campfire Vegetables - Farmville

Campfire Vegetables from The Farmville cook book.

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