Appetizer recipes from the collection

Appetizers - Bone Appetit

Image from A book of favorite recipes.

Nut Tid-Bits - Gourmet...Eating

Nut Tid-Bits from Recipes for gourmet eating : a compilation of favorite tested recipes of housewives of Greenville and out of town friends.

Mushroom Pinwheels - Company's Coming

Mushroom Pinwheels from Company’s coming : a recipe collection from North Carolinians who enjoy company coming.

Salmon Ball - Heavenly Delights

Salmon Ball from Heavenly delights.

BLT Dip - Count Our Blessings

BLT Dip from Count our blessings : 75 years of recipes and memories / Myers Park Presbyterian Church.

Cocktail Tomatoes - Bone Appetit

Cocktail Tomatoes from A book of favorite recipes.

Meat Balls Extraordinaire - Peace Cookbook

Meat Balls Extraordinaire from Peace cookbook.

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