Death noted: UNC grad Alice Denham, author and Playmate

Wonder how many other entries in the Southern Historical Collection catalog include the notation “unpublished photographs…. including a Playboy centerfold”….

Alice Denham was a 1949 UNC graduate, but Chapel Hill seems not to have provided her most vivid memories.

From her 2006 memoir, “Sleeping with Bad Boys: A 1956 Playboy Model’s Escapades with James Dean, Hugh Hefner, Norman Mailer and the famous writers of the 1950’s beat generation”:

“For my senior year, I cut my hair, worked three campus jobs, refused to go out with Beau, switched my major to English, drove to the woods with Beau every Sunday noon when I couldn’t hold out any longer, retaught myself to type in a week, made Phi Beta Kappa, got a scholarship to graduate school at University of Rochester and decided to be a writer if it killed me.”