Recipes for your Valentine

Don’t have your Valentine’s reservation set yet?  Can’t decide on the perfect place?  Try dinning in this year.

Lovely Vegetables - Progressive Farmer

Image from The Progressive farmer’s southern cookbook.

Italian Love Cake - Cooking on the Cutting Edge

Italian Love Cake from Cooking on the cutting edge.

Heart-Shaped Scones with Currants - the fearrington house cookbook

Heart-Shaped Scones with Currants from The Fearrington House cookbook : a celebration of food, flowers, and herbs.

Sweetheart Cookies - Best of the Best

Sweetheart Cookies from Best of the best from North Carolina : selected recipes from North Carolina’s favorite cookbooks.

Edwina's Chocolate Seduction Pie-A Dash of Down East

Edwina’s Chocolate Seduction Pie from A dash of Down East.

Brunch for Two - Love Yourself Cookbook

Brunch for Two from Love yourself cookbook : easy recipes for one or two.

Angel kiss cake - The Charlotte Cookbook

Angel Kiss Cake from The Charlotte cookbook.

Not everyone in Greensboro wanted to hear young MLK

On this day in 1958: The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., not yet 30 years old but already famous for having led the Montgomery bus boycott, pays his first visit to Greensboro.

The local NAACP has invited King, but only black Bennett College will provide him a hall. He addresses two overflow crowds — morning and night — at Pfeiffer Chapel. “We are breaking loose from the Egypt of segregation and moving into the promised land of integration . . . .” he says. “There are giants in the way, but it can be done.”

Five years later he will return to Greensboro for a ceremony honoring the students who ignited the sit-in movement at the Woolworth’s lunch counter.