Company’s Coming…recipes from the collection

USED 2-18-16 Company - Progessive Farmer

Image from The Progressive farmer’s southern cookbook.

USED 2-18-16 martha's company casserole - Columbus County Cookbook II

Martha’s Company Casserole from Columbus County cookbook II.

USED 2-18-16 Aunt Jannie's Company Potatoes - Count Our Blessings

Aunt Jannie’s Company Potatoes from Count our blessings : 75 years of recipes and memories / Myers Park Presbyterian Church.

USED 2-18-16 Company Chicken - Company's Coming

Company Chicken from Company’s coming : a recipe collection from North Carolinians who enjoy company coming.

USED 2-18-16 Secret Company Soup-Out of Our League

Secret Company Soup from Out of our league.

USED 2-18-16 Make-Ahead Company Breakfast-Home Cookin'

Make-Ahead Company Breakfast from Home cookin’.

USED 2-18-16Company pie - Carolina Cooking

Company Pie from Carolina cooking.


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