UFO caused ‘sensation among all classes’ in Wilmington

On this day in 1897: Wilmington is visited by what may be the state’s first UFO. According to the Wilmington Messenger, which headlined its account, “Was It an Air Ship?” hundreds of citizens spotted the “remarkable . . . brilliantly lighted” object as it floated above the city, creating “a sensation among all classes of people.”


3 thoughts on “UFO caused ‘sensation among all classes’ in Wilmington”

  1. Very interesting.It was a year ago when I was making a delivery to the Port in Wilmington,NC and it was before daybreak in the morning hours and I was sitting in my truck at the Port and I looked up North West towards the sky and I clearly noticed a clear bright white light blink once then I saw it a second time again after 40 seconds.It was slightly higher than a communications tower and I never saw the flash of light afterwards.It was sort of in the distance but near the Port.I had never noticed this before and the Port is my regular route in the early morning before daybreak.It made me curious because it was in the same spot each time I saw the white flash of light then suddenly I never saw it again.

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