U-boat attack on coast? Improbable but not impossible

“….Just down Atlantic Avenue, a narrow four-block-long road from Kure (pronounced “Cure-ee”) Beach Fishing Pier, an old seaside cottage bears witness to a time when things weren’t all sunshine and Cheerwine along the Carolina coast. It was here on a July night in 1943 that a German U-Boat supposedly surfaced and fired shots at a factory complex located a half-mile off shore. If the incident actually occurred—and many believe it didn’t—it would have been the only time the East Coast of the United States was attacked during the Second World War….”

— From “Did a Nazi Submarine Attack a Chemical Plant in North Carolina?” by John Hanc in the Smithsonian (Aug. 2)

Yet more U-boat lore.


One thought on “U-boat attack on coast? Improbable but not impossible”

  1. I, personally, am skeptical of this story, having heard it many times around the campfire in Halyburton Park. I would like to see some actual proof, such as a torpedo. This tall tale used to frighten me many a night as a young boy, but today I regard it as a modern American myth. I think we’re so fascinated by the thought of a foreign attack on our shores because it has never happened (knock on wood!)

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