So you think you know North Carolina….No. 4

1. Contrary to plans, the 1928 silver anniversary commemoration of the Wright Brothers’ first flight at Kitty Hawk didn’t feature a fly-over by squadrons of Naval airships from Virginia. Why?

2. “There is not a modern New York hostess, scarcely even an old-fashioned one, who does not have cigarettes passed after dinner.” This social advice was offered by Emily Post, Amy Vanderbilt or Gloria Steinem?

3. The granddaughter of what president died in North Carolina in 2008?

4. Encouraged by the Soil Conservation Service, Rutherford County farmers in 1942 set out 50,000 of what kind of plants?

5. Which Wilmington has more population, North Carolina’s or Delaware’s?

Answers below….









1. Complaints from duck hunters.

2. Emily Post, author of the 1922 classic “Etiquette,” who also appeared in ads for Old Golds.

3. Teddy Roosevelt. Theodora Roosevelt Keogh O’Toole Rauchfuss had been a ballerina and novelist before settling in obscurity in rural Caldwell County. She died Jan. 5 at 88.

4. Kudzu. Until its invasiveness made it unwelcome, this Japanese vine was widely used to combat erosion across the South. The Forest City soil conservation agent recommended carrying plants to the field “between wet sacks or in damp sawdust.”

5. North Carolina’s, by 117,525 to 71,442, according to recent census estimates.


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