New in the collection: Garners pepper sauce label

Though best known for Texas Pete hot sauce, concocted in 1929, the TW Garner Food Co. has produced a wide and oft-tweaked range of condiments. Among recent additions: Salsas and wing sauces.

Its minimalist pepper sauce has remained a staple, however. “When whole, green Tabasco peppers are soaked in vinegar and salt,” Garner promises, “the result is a tangy, spicy topping with flavor that’ll make you say ‘Heavens to Betsy!’ ”

Where would collards be without it?

Footnote: The four figures at the top of the label represent the company founders — Sam Garner and sons Thad, Ralph and Harold.

2 thoughts on “New in the collection: Garners pepper sauce label”

  1. I recall accessioning this item, and I wondered then if this was the predecessor of Texas Pete, my favorite hot sauce. Now I know.

  2. I covered a food services convention in Charlotte (not all the exciting ’70s journalism was captured in “The Post”) and talked to a guy who represented Tabasco…. Part of his job was complaining to NC restaurants that had only Texas Pete on the tabletop….

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