So you think you know North Carolina…. No. 10

1. Which last name is more common in North Carolina than any other state: Earnhardt, Isenhour or Helms?

2. In North Carolina what was the most notable achievement of the New Deal’s Civilian Conservation Corps?

3. The first U.S. census, taken in 1790, ranked North Carolina where among the 17 states?

4. Was the last cigarette commercial on American television — for Virginia Slims — aired in 1971, 1981 or 1991?

5. What slang word for prostitute has been traced to an 1845 letter to a classmate from a University of North Carolina student?

Answers below….






1. All three.

2. The Blue Ridge Parkway.

3. Third, behind Virginia and Pennsylvania, with a population of 393,751.

4. 1971.

5. Hooker. “If he comes by way of Norfolk,” reads the letter, “he will find any number of pretty hookers in the Brick Row, not far from French’s Hotel.” The term is often incorrectly linked to Union general Joseph Hooker.


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