Elizabeth City to Russians: Nyet to monument

“Despite disagreeing strongly with the decision, we do understand the underlying motive a majority of Elizabeth City city councilors had for recently rejecting an agreement to install a Russian-funded monument at the city’s Coast Guard Park: anger at the Russian government for attempting to hack our elections….

“It is, however, the wrong decision. It’s wrong because the monument the Russians want to put up at our park is more than about our political disagreements of the moment. Unlike Confederate monuments, which pay tribute to a divisive period of our nation’s past, the Russian monument would pay tribute to one of the best moments of our past — our collaboration with Russia and Great Britain to defeat Hitler’s Nazi Germany in the Second World War….”

— From “Reconsider WWII monument; it’s ours, too,” editorial in the Elizabeth City Daily Advance (March 4)

So you think you know North Carolina….No. 9

1. On Jan. 30, 1940, what unlikely sight greeted residents of the Outer Banks in Carteret County?

2. “I regret that some people in this country have disparaged and demeaned the role of the homemaker. I say — and say it with emphasis and conviction — that homemaking is good for America.” What president took this stand on a visit to Charlotte?

3. Who gave this vivid description of harmonica player Sonny Terry, who learned to play the Piedmont blues in Shelby and Durham:

“He put the tobacco sheds of North Carolina and South Carolina in it and all the blistered and hardened hands cheated and left empty, hurt and left crying, robbed and left hungry, pilfered and left starving, beaten and left dreaming.”

4. Only once in modern North Carolina has the Democratic presidential candidate failed to finish either first or second. Who was he?

5. Only once in modern North Carolina has the Republican presidential candidate failed to finish either first or second. Who was he?








1. A wayward iceberg, about six feet of which was visible above water.

2. Gerald Ford at state convention of Future Homemakers of America (March 20, 1976).

3. Woody Guthrie.

4. Hubert Humphrey. In 1968 Republican Richard Nixon finished first and George Wallace of the American Party second.

5. William Howard Taft. In 1912 Democrat Woodrow Wilson finished first and Theodore Roosevelt of the Progressive Party second.