So you think you know North Carolina…. No. 14

1. Play at the 1951 Ryder Cup at Pinehurst was suspended on Saturday afternoon to allow U.S. and British golfers to do what?

2. Which of North Carolina’s two U.S. senators has reported rubbing on Preparation H to reduce his eye bags?

3. “Catfish, million-dollar man / Nobody can throw the ball like Catfish can.”
Who wrote and sang these lyrics?

4. True or false: The town of Salisbury and the Salisbury steak were named for the same person.

5. In 1991 fans missed their only chance to see hockey great Wayne Gretzky play in Charlotte — why?







1. Both teams attended the Tennessee-UNC football game at Chapel Hill.

2. Sen. Richard Burr. After his 1994 campaign for the House, Burr explained that “After three months of campaigning every day and every night, those bags look pretty bad.”

3. Bob Dylan. He wrote “Catfish” in 1975, after Hunter had left the Oakland A’s to sign with the less penurious New York Yankees.

4. False. According to “The North Carolina Gazetteer,” Salisbury, N.C., most likely was named for the town in England, though possibly for the town in Maryland. The Oxford English Dictionary traces Salisbury steak to physician and health food advocate J. H. Salisbury, who during the Civil War prescribed lean meat and coffee for Union troops suffering from diarrhea.

5. The ice-making apparatus at the Coliseum failed, canceling at the last minute a scheduled exhibition between the New York Rangers and Gretzky’s Los Angeles Kings. He did skate a few warm-up laps for the disappointed crowd of 12,000.


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