So you think you know North Carolina….No. 17

 1. A 1938 visit to the U.S. Fisheries Station at Beaufort inspired what biologist to write about shorebirds in “Under the Sea-Wind”?

2. True or false: The oldest known North Carolinian lived to be 115 years old.

3. What was the “Route of the Pacemakers”?

4. Who was North Carolina’s last popularly elected Roman Catholic governor before Mike Easley?

5. In 1799 Joseph Rice recorded North Carolina’s last known sighting of what animal?






1. Rachel Carson. In “The Edge of the Sea” (1955) Carson describes the estuarine region near Beaufort now known as the Rachel Carson Reserve. Her next book was the environmentalism landmark “Silent Spring” (1962).

2. True. Maggie Barnes of Kenly died in 1998. (Nine of 10 people who live beyond 110 are women.)

3. A slogan of Piedmont Airlines.

4. There wasn’t one.

5. The buffalo. He killed it in Bull Creek Valley in Buncombe County.