So you think you know North Carolina….No. 21

1. What are the six poisonous snakes found in North Carolina?

2. Greensboro surgeon John Lyday served as the model for what well-known movie and TV character?

3. True or false: North Carolina has no buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

4. “Positively no dogs of any size, value, color or ugliness allowed. Guests who attempt to smuggle them in vanity boxes or suit cases will be asked to vacate their rooms.” What well known hotel included this warning in a 1920 brochure?

5. Until 2012, what company owned the Star-News in Wilmington, the Times-News in Hendersonville and the Dispatch in Lexington?






1. Copperhead, Carolina pygmy rattlesnake, Eastern diamondback rattlesnake, timber rattlesnake, cottonmouth and Eastern coral snake.

2. Trapper John on “M*A*S*H.” While serving in the 8055th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in Korea, Lyday worked with another surgeon, Dr. Dick Hornberger, who under the pen name Richard Hooker wrote a novel that became the basis for the movie and TV series. He died at age 78 in 1999 in Greensboro.

3. True. Although Wright designed homes in Morganton and Asheville, as well as a housing complex for blacks in Whiteville, none was ever built.

4. The Grove Park Inn in Asheville.

5. The New York Times.