So you think you know North Carolina…. No. 19

1. What future terrorist dropped out of Special Forces training at Fort Bragg in 1991 after being unable to complete a 90-minute march with a 45-pound pack?

2. What future terrorist attended Chowan College and graduated from N.C. A&T in mechanical engineering?

3. True or false: The first volcanic eruptions in what is now North Carolina occurred about 820 million years ago.

4. During the Civil War captured Union troops being held at Salisbury Prison introduced what sport to North Carolina?

5. Henderson native Ben E. King‘s best known pop hit made the top 10 in 1961 — and did it again in 1986. What was it?





1. Timothy McVeigh, who admitted setting the bomb that killed 168 people in the Oklahoma City federal building in 1995.

2. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, alleged organizer of 9-11.

3. True. Volcanic activity lasted about 220 million years.

4. Baseball.

5. “Stand by Me,” which was revived in the movie by that name.


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New in the collection: Philip Morris boycott pinback

This celluloid badge was distributed by INFACT, a Boston non-profit, as it launched the Challenging Big Tobacco Campaign in 1994.

Philip Morris and its numerous subsidiaries such as Kraft were already under attack by the anti-smoking movement.

“We want to get parents outraged at attempts by the tobacco companies to get children to smoke,” said Joe Tye, president of Stop Teen-Age Addiction to Tobacco, which had started its own boycott in 1990.

At the same time Philip Morris was facing opposition for its support of a different  North Carolina product.


So you think you know North Carolina….No. 18

1. What blues singer chased off a gang of Klansmen at a 1927 appearance in Concord?

2. Forty-two years after North Carolina replaced a Gov. Hodges with a Gov. Sanford, what other state did the same?

3. What aviation breakthrough was achieved in 1915 by the USS North Carolina?

4. Several hundred residents of what town welcome the New Year by firing black-powder muskets?

5. A 47-minute visit by what president inspired the creation of the forerunner of the Charlotte Chamber?






1. Bessie Smith. When half a dozen hooded men attempted to collapse the tent where she and the Harlem Frolics were performing, Smith yelled, “What the — you think you’re doing? I’ll get the whole damn tent out here if I have to. You just pick up them sheets and run.” They did.

2. South Carolina, where Mark Sanford succeeded Jim Hodges in 2003. Terry Sanford had succeeded Luther Hodges in North Carolina.

3. The USS North Carolina (the second of four ships bearing that name) became the first ship ever to launch an aircraft by catapult while under way. This experiment led to the catapults used on battleships and cruisers in World War II and beyond.

4. Cherryville. It’s a good luck tradition begun by German settlers more than 200 years ago.

5. Teddy Roosevelt. In 1904 Roosevelt, traveling by train across the South, spoke long enough to tell an overflow crowd at Vance Park, “This is the age of organization.” The next day saw the organization of the Greater Charlotte Club. Motto: “Watch Charlotte grow.”