So you think you know North Carolina…. No. 31

1. What N.C. county is 75 percent water?

2. Mexican Joe was the original name of what familiar tabletop condiment?

3. How do North Carolina, North Dakota and North Korea rank in area?

4. With which of these cities is Charlotte on nearly the same latitude?

A. Tokyo.

B. London.

C. Paris.

D. Rome.

5. What entertainers were born Milton Supman, Richard Fliehr and Randy Traywick?

Answers below





1. Dare County — 383 square miles of land and 1,179 square miles is water.

2. Texas Pete hot sauce, concocted by Thad W. Garner in 1929 and still manufactured in Winston-Salem.

3. North Dakota, 70,702 square miles; North Carolina, 52,669 square miles; North Korea, 46,540 square miles.

4. A. Tokyo. The European cities are all farther north.

5. Comedian Soupy Sales, a Franklinton native; wrestler Ric Flair, a longtime Charlotte resident; and country singer Randy Travis, a Marshville native.


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