So you think you know North Carolina…. No. 33

1. What Piedmont North Carolinians call livermush, Pennsylvanians know as what?

2. Which city is wetter, Seattle or Charlotte?

3. In 1991 Florida State basketball player Sam Cassell, finding fans in the Smith Center considerably less rowdy than those at Duke, stuck them with what memorable label?

4. True or false: North Carolina is the nation’s leading producer of yams.

5. What historian remarked in 1920 that he had found in the black Durham neighborhood of Hayti “social and economic development perhaps more striking than that of any similar group in the nation”?

Answers below






1. Scrapple. The basic ingredients — hog’s head, liver and cornmeal — are the same.

2. Charlotte (with about 41.6 inches of annual precipitation to Seattle’s 37.7).

3. “A cheese-and-wine crowd.”

4. False. It is, however, No. 1 in sweet potatoes. Yams are grown mostly in South America, the Caribbean and western Africa and have white, barklike flesh.

5. W.E.B. DuBois.