So you think you know North Carolina…. No. 39

1. The Big Three of headache powders all originated in North Carolina. Name the products and their hometowns.

2. Sugar Ray Leonard, Charles Kuralt and Whistler’s mother were all born in what city?

3. The last fatal shark attack in N.C. waters occurred in 2001, 1991 or 1981?

4. What U.S. president supposedly reported seeing the legendary Maco Light?

5. To what was Gov. Thomas Bickett referring when he claimed in a 1918 speech, “They will yield more solid comfort for the inner man than possum and potatoes, and more juicy sweetness than the apples for which our first ancestor threw Paradise away”?

Answers below






1. Goody’s in Winston-Salem, B.C. in Durham, Stanback in Salisbury.

2. Wilmington.

3. 2001. A Virginia vacationer died from an attack at Avon on Hatteras Island, and his girlfriend was severely injured. It was the first death from shark bite on the N.C. coast since 1957.

4. Grover Cleveland, when his train stopped one night in 1889 to take on wood and water at Maco, near Wilmington. Twenty-two years earlier, flagman Joe Baldwin had been decapitated while trying to wave off an oncoming locomotive. Baldwin’s ghost supposedly continues to search for his head, carrying a lantern that accounts for a bobbing glow in the distance.

5. Liberty Bonds, which helped finance World War I.