New in the collection: Winston-Salem debate pinback

Pinback featuring photo of Al Gore for 2000 Presidential Debate in Winston-Salem


” Guns, gay rights and health care drew the hottest exchanges in the second presidential debate between Democrat Al Gore and Republican George W. Bush….

“On gay rights, the two agreed that marriage is a union ‘between a man and a woman,’ but Gore pointed out that he and both  vice presidential candidates, Joe Lieberman and Dick Cheney, backed anti-discrimination protections for gay unions while Bush did not. Bush defended his support for equal not ‘special’ rights for minority groups….”

— From “Sit-Down Debate Makes For Fewer Bush, Gore Jabs in Round Two” on NPR Online (Oct. 12, 2000)

Wouldn’t be surprised if there was a Bush version of this handsomely designed pinback, but I can’t recall seeing it.


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