New in the collection: sweet pickles label from Faison

Label for Swathmoor Farm Brand Sweet Pickles

“Through various civic activities, [Charles F.] Cates had made the friendship of John Sprunt Hill, an attorney in Durham…. Desiring to do something for his native community of Faison [in Duplin County], Hill persuaded Cates to move his pickle operation there [from Swepsonville in Alamance County], and local farmers were soon persuaded to begin growing the variety of cucumber best for pickling….”

From Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, Cates entry by Charles M. Ingram

John Sprunt Hill, catalyst for the North Carolina pickle industry!

In 1989 Dean Foods Co. bought Cates & Sons, but the Charles F. and Howard Cates Farm, also known as Swathmoor Farm, remains — a historic farm complex and national historic district in Alamance County.


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  1. These are my all time favorite pickles. For over 40 years I would stop and buy all the jars with torn or no labels. Some time they would give them to me. Imagine my surprise when they disappeared. Mt Olive Pickles are good but Cates are my choice when there is a choice. I am hoping they are still using the same recipe and am ordering several jars to see.

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